We Bring the Production of Essential Health Goods
Like Masks & Respirators back to the USA

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has shown the dire need to have essential health goods manufactured in the United States, rather than places like China. SerraeX is aiming to change this.

In the future it should be prohibited to outsource the production of essential health goods to anywhere to serve the civil society just in time.

Our Mission

As you might know, most of the healthcare items that we use are produced in China. Unfortunately, though, you won’t get any new supplies from them because they need them for themselves and are not going to export anything for the next little while.

Our machine is able to produce 30 masks per minute (1,800 per hour/43,200 per day). We have pre-contracts with the producer himself, and will order the first machine immediately upon reaching our goal of funding $142,500.

The machine/s will be delivered as soon as possible to Los Angeles, California (Glendale) where the production process will start.

Of course we will continue producing the masks in the US for future use. But we also want to bring back following health goods production - as soon as we start shipping the first masks.

* Latex Gloves
* Sanitizer

Who we are


Thomas Kager


David Kager


Valod Grigorian

Teamleader Los Angeles

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